Nano Conformal Coating

New Tech in Our Current Market

For the past 10 years Hollywood has programed our brains to think of tiny advanced robots when we hear the words “Nano Tech”. Nano Technology is something very different than the movie science representations. In reality it has a vast number of growing applications. In this case, Nano Conformal Coating; is very different… no bots. Yet, it is most definitely armor!

Why did iHub Repair choose Nano Conformal Coating? Because, we don’t only want to repair your phone, we would like to make it last as long as possible! That is why a nano coating comes with every screen repair. Why you want to choose a nano coating:

  1. Newest Tech in Our Current Market
  2. Protects Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches, and More
  3. Longest Lasting form of Nanotechnology
  4. Hard but Smooth Poly-Ceramic Coat (inside and out)
  5. Intermixes, then Forms a Covalent Bond with the Paint, Glass, and Metal.
  6. Is 99.7% Bacteria, Water, and Dust Proof
  7. Inside is protected for the lifetime of the device.

Nano Coating Only: (1) Phone: $99, (2) Phones: $149

Nano tech originally made its start in India and was widely used to protect PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) in military applications. Though the nanotechnology term was coined in the 70s it didn’t become popular or available to the retail industry until the 90s. Today the updated machine and compound have been able to make its way to the USA. With these updates we are now able to coat and protect your phones, tablets, smart watches, and any electronic device you value; not just PCBs.

There are 3 main nano application types. Fiber, Sheet, and Particle. This version being Particle; is the smallest and longest lasting form of nano-technology!

It is zero-dimension matter being layered in two-dimensional monolayers as thin as 2- 4 nanometers. After the solidifying process these poly-ceramic nano particles will give your device a hard but elastic protective like armor that is 99.7% bacteria, water, and dust proof. This compound is non-conductive, isnot hydro-oleophobic, and interacts with your device more like a physical barrier. Because it is vapor applied in nano layers instead of micro layers it can fill in the pours and will bind with the paint, glass, and metal; creating a covalent bond. This bond creates an incredibly smooth layer that makes it so anything that comes in contact with your device will slip off or can be wiped away with incredibly surprising ease.

Because it is a physical application the outside coating can be removed by friction (touch) over time. The coating will last for 6 months to 3 years depending on the rigor and frequency of the user. It is recommended for the average user to get their phone coated once a year. Though the outside can wear off the inside will remain coated for the lifetime of the device.